Become a Partner

Please help us reach our immediate goal of $200,000 per year

We are asking you to become a HRC/MOA Partner with a pledge that covers three years. Donations from our partners will provide stability and the ability to plan for the future. Your gift can support our general operations or it can be designated to a particular program or event.

Please select a partner category that fits your budget:

Bridge Builder

$25,000+ for three years

$15,000+ for three years
$10,000 for three years
$5,000 for three years

However you want to partner with us, we say, “Pilamayaye, thank you.”

Your Investment in the FUture

Private partnerships will allow HRC/MOA to address important race related needs throughout the community.

As we navigate new ways to address community challenges, we hope you will join us in investing in our future.

HRC/MOA is ready to face the issues of the today and tomorrow including:

  • educational disparities
  • economic development
  •  housing challenges
  • long-held historical trauma

HRC/MOA is a one-of-a-kind organization that is ready to facilitate long-term healing in Rapid City and the Black Hills

Please join us in fighting for a community that is better for our children than it was for ourselves. Join us in fighting for a community where all people prosper and where race does not determine opportunity. This bright future is within reach.