Care Campus In Rapid City Unveiled

by: Al Van Zee

Posted: Sep 5, 2018 / 05:24 PM CDT

Updated: Sep 5, 2018 / 05:24 PM CDT


The new Care Campus, which will replace the old detox facility and other services, was shown to reporters in Rapid City Wednesday. 

The new Care Campus is more than twice as big as the old detox facility in Rapid City.  At more than 70,000 square feet, it will house Detox Services, the Safe Solutions area, Crisis Care Center, Health and Human Services and the Quality of Life Unit.  This upgrade has been in the works since Kevin Thom was elected Sheriff seven years ago. 

“The concept has been talked about for many years. It came to fruition here recently. We had the support of the county commission and the city council.  And it also dovetails into our MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge,” said Kevin Thom, Pennington County Sheriff.


Part of that program is to deal with more people outside the jail system. It will also give officers some options they didn’t have before.

“These folks that are in distress and are needing help… they have somewhere now when law enforcement is dealing with these folks that they can take them where they know they’re going to get some help and hopefully not just short term,” said Willie Whelchel, Pennington Co. Chief Deputy.  

The new building will also increase efficiency. 

“Having everybody here in one location, centralized, greatly increases the chances of that person getting the help that they need because we can physically walk with them to an appointment or walk with them to a service provider,” said Don Hendrick, Assistant Rapid City Police Chief.

It is also a great example of cooperation between law enforcement and other groups. 

“We’re really setting the foundation for what communities can do, how we can partner together, and how we can create this… essentially this one-stop shop that provides these services,” said Barry Tice with Health and Human Services. 

The new Care Campus opens September 24.