The CommUNITY Relations Commission strives to be proactive by connecting and educating the community, celebrating diversity as well as responding and facilitating conflict resolution when situations involving discrimination arise that affect all of us.

Here are several initiatives we are engaged in:

  • Advocate positive dialogue by consistently supporting efforts such as the RCIBSL Project – Memorial Walk honoring the children who passed away while attending the RC Indian Boarding School that was located on the Sioux San lands
  • Creating and sponsoring a quarterly series of educational forums called “The More YOU Know… The Better WE do.”
  • Partnered with RCPD for a “youth inspired” North Rapid Community Mural Project
  • Providing continuous sponsorship, support and welcoming of the He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate (Black Hills Powwow)
  • Engaging with a Youth Partnership with the RC Youth City Council
  • Continous sponsoring, support and welcoming of the LNI (Lakota Nation Invitational) with the Red Carpet Welcome and “LNI Community and Corporate Handgames Challenge”
  • Rapid City Pride 2022 event
  • Wotakuye Gluwasakapi Horse camp at Knollwood Townhomes (AKA: ABC townhomes)
  • Partnering with the RCPD for a “youth inspired” North Rapid Community Mural Project
  • Creating and producing a series called “IMMERISON ABOUT PLACE”, journeying through our community and opening hearts and minds to a diverse community.
  • Providing a means for ANYONE in our community to submit a complaint through a “complaint form
  • Offer options of case management mediation or a “cultural impact panel” with active listening as a tool.

Examples of Community Outreach /Opportunities to Learn and Engage

“Immersion About Place” a SDCF Grant /July – October 2022

A cohort of about 30 leaders from our community came together for five sessions to learn about and experience our community through a ‘different lens’. Highlights were traveling to sites around the community such as Rural American Initiatives, the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Health Board, General Beadle School, Sioux Addition, Woyatan Church in North Rapid and finally the site where the Memorial for Remembering the Children of the Indian Boarding School. In addition, participants were offered the opportunity to go to the BHCT play, “Average Family” written by Larrisa Fast Horse (Oglala Lakota).

A Public Conversation : The Mountaintop; A Community Conversation – June 06, 2022

In a partnership with the Black Hills Playhouse and South Dakota Public Broadcasting, the HRC hosted a conversation about race along with sponsoring a BHP play about Dr. Martin Luther King. The arts can provide a safe space to talk about difficult conversations in meaningful ways to help bridge cultures, educate, advocate, and model respect.

Learning Series: “The More YOU Know – The Better WE Do”

June 17, 2021

Community Learning Forum
An uplifting, informative listening session focused on learning how some resources in our community are addressing needs by several community providers.

April 25, 2022

Racial Prejudice and our Economy
A panel of “economic minds” who discussed the reality of living and working in our multicultural community.

May 23, 2022

The Impact of Public Education on our Community
An informative and interactive panel featuring RCAS school board candidates that was co-moderated by Rapid City Youth City Council and HRC/MOA

November 14, 2022

Civil Discourse in Our Community
Three panelists spoke from their experience and those in attendance were engaged in active discussion about Civil Discourse and our community.

November 11-13, 2022

National Humanities Conference – Los Angeles, CA
A group of five CRC formerly (HRC-MOA) representatives (K.Mortimer, A.Sazue, L.Lacroix, L. Janis, L. Armstrong) were invited to present at this national conference to share the work of the HRC-MOA partnership. We are a part of a three-city cohort (Rapid City, Nogales AZ, Charlston, SC.) being studied by the National Humanities Alliance.