RCIBSL: Presents Resolution to RC City Council

On November 2, 2020, the RCIBSL team had over 30 speakers from a variety of RC community entities to speak in support of the resolution of three parcels of land within the 1200 acres.

On November 2, 2020, the RCIBSL team had over 30 speakers from a variety of RC community entities to speak in support of:


The members of Rapid City Common Council listened to over thirty speakers and gave individual feedback. A motion was passed by Alderman John Roberts (Ward 4) to move the resolution to a working session to be held on Nov. 10, 2020. Mr. Roberts (Ward 4), Mr. Evans (Ward 2), and Mr. Strommen (Ward 3) had the most questions and were uncomfortable of the resolution, hence making the motion to not put it to a vote. The Resolution was prepared with help of City Attorney, Joel Landeen and had been reviewed prior to the City Council meeting on Monday evening. The Council members had reviewed it and the land deeds, which are the parcels that are being presented for resolution with the City of Rapid City.

A big thank you to the coalition of supporters of the land exchange resolution that were able to speak Monday night.

Elder Opening

1. Bev Warne, Director, SDSU Native American Nursing Education Center, Osh Gosh Camp survivor


2. Dr. Eric Zimmer, Senior Historian, Vantage Point History

Legal Speakers

3. Tatewin Means, Executive Director, Thunder Valley CDC, Former Attorney General Oglala Sioux Tribe

4. Rebecca Kidder, Partner/Owner, Pebbles Kidder

Eva Nichols Family

5. Chuck Nichols

Cecelia Montgomery Family/Sioux Addition Descendants

6. Tad Montgomery

7. Lessa Montgomery 

8. Merle Left Hand Bull

9. Cheryl “Jeannie” Castillo

Osh Gosh Camp Descendants

10. Mary Bowman

11. Bre Jackson

12. Cheryl Angel

Community Elders/ Longtime residents

13. Bev Running Bear, BHSU, Lakota Language

14. Dr. Art Zimiga, Former Director of South Dakota Office of Indian Education

15. Marlys Miner, descendant RC Indian Boarding School

Traditional Speakers

16. Gene Tyon, Office of the Vice President, Oglala Sioux Tribe

17. Troy Fairbanks

18. Darrell Red Cloud, Professor, Oglala Lakota College

Business Community

19. Hani Shafai, Dream Designs

20. Dan Tribby, Prairie Edge

Housing/Unhoused Coalition

21. Lloyd Big Crow, Oyate Kin Can’te Wast’epi

22. Onna LeBeau, Black Hills Community Loan Fund

COVID Meals for Relatives

23. Natalie Stites Means, Former candidate for Rapid City Mayor

24. Jean Roach

Community Relations

25. Karen Mortimer, Executive Director, Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors (MOA)


26. Pastor Eric Thone, South Canyon Lutheran Church

27. Fr. Cody Magnus, St. Andrews Episcopal

28. Cindy Rains, St. Andrews Episcopal

Native Candidates

29. Cante Heart, SD Democratic Party- Native Outreach Field Director, Former City Council Candidate

30. Walt Swan, RC Small Business Owner, Former City Council Candidate


31. Whitney Rencountre, Rural American Initiatives

32. RC Youth City Council, Cultural Advisory Committee; Kristin Kiner & Sean Binder (Advisors)

Hannah Churchill, Rylan Barnett, Grace Dodds, Charlie Swann

Business Community

33. Tom Johnson, CEO, Elevate Rapid City

34. Bill May, Chamber of Commerce, Former President

35. Bryan Brewer, President Lakota Nation Invitational, Former President Oglala Sioux Tribe

Closing Speakers

36. Professor Jace DeCory, Black Hills State University

37. Robin Zephier, Attorney, Zephier & LaFleur PC

***2019 Community Outreach & Voting Co-Hosts***

Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates (ATTA)

Ateyapi Community Lakota Language Class

Black Hills Community Loan Fund

He Sapa Cante Waste Oyate

He Sapa Otipi

He Sapa Oyate of BHSU-RC


Oaye Luta Okolakiciye

Oglala Lakota College – He Sapa Campus – Students Organization 

Rapid City Community Conversations (RCCC)

RCCC – Elders Council

Rural America Initiatives/Ateyapi

Sioux Addition Civic Association

Wambli Ska

Youth Descendants of the Sioux Addition Civic Association