Revamped HRC approves new members, partnership

By KEVN Staff

Published: Dec. 22, 2020 at 10:29 AM MST

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – More members have been added to Rapid City’s Human Relations Commission as a larger effort to restructure the commission.

Founded in the 70s, Rapid City’s Human Relations Commission has worked to “safeguard equal opportunities of all citizens by resolving conflict, settling complaints of discrimination, and promoting cooperation in the community.” Although the Commission went dormant for a while, it was given new life around 2010. At Monday’s City Council meeting, a newly-formed commission was approved.

A year-long review process of the previous HRC Commission led to the partnership between the Rapid City Human Relations Commission and Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors Commission (HRC/MOA).

The nine-member commission will serve staggered one, two and three-year terms. Approved for one-year terms are Amy Sazue, Bill May and Lindsey Huffman. Appointed for two-year terms are Paula Long Fox, Cody Maynus and Lloyd LaCroix. Three-year terms will be filled by Denise Maher, Whitney Rencountre and Karen Mortimer.

The nine-member group will be joined by Malcolm Chapman, who will serve as the Commission coordinator. Chapman was selected by City staff and MOA members through a joint hiring process and will begin work in the New Year.

“It has taken several months to get to this point and I am excited at the possibilities for the Commission, said Mayor Allender. “I appreciate the work of the Task Force and I am impressed with the credentials of this newly-appointed Commission. With a new coordinator and a new organizational structure, the Commission is ready to move forward in the new year to provide excellent service to the community.”

The HRC/MOA is a public-private partnership established to improve and oversee race relations in the community.

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