Who we are

We are a Commission of the City of Rapid City, supported by our local community, whose mission is to Bridge cultures, Educate ourselves and others, Advocate, and Model respectful behaviors (B.E.A.M.)

Our goal is to empower citizens of Rapid City to create a community that is safe, culturally aware, inclusive, and that respects all people in our community.

The CommUNITY Relations Commission 2024


  • Denise Maher – Commission Chair
  • Lloyd LaCroix – Vice Chair 
  • Barry Tice
  • Becky Drury
  • Gina Nelson
  • Paula Long Fox
  • Tifanie Petro
  • Walt Swan

CRC Office Information

RC CRC Coordinator: Lafawn Janis

300 Sixth St.  |  Rapid City, SD 57701  |  605.718.2420

e: lafawn.janis@rcgov.org

RC City Attorney: Joel Landeen

RC Council Liaison: Pat Roseland

The Community Relations Commission is a public commission supported by the City of Rapid City and the community.

The goal of this Commission is to improve community relations by reforming the former Human Relations Commission and combining that with the work the former organization, Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors (MOA) to create a new commission, The Rapid City Community Relations Commission, which has expanded its focus to education, building community awareness of cultural diversity and facilitate positive conflict resolution should complaints of discrimination need to be addressed.

We want to be seen as a resource in instances of potential discrimination, but also in misunderstandings or situations that mediation or guided conversations might resolve a dispute and bring people together in understanding. We support efforts and programs that celebrate our community’s diversity and offer educational forums to address sensitive issues affecting all of us.

We have seen great success in this avenue of our work and look forward to continuing conversations, both large and small, that bring people together and bridge understanding.